How to get

Thanks to the excellent position on the Danube River and the crossroad of main roads, Novi Sad can be easily reached either by plane (Belgrade airport), car and bus transport.


The nearest airport to Novi Sad is Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, about 70 km far from Novi Sad, less than one hour drive.

Belgrade has direct flight connections to/from 80 major Europe, Middle East and USA cities. There are 21 airline companies operating at Belgrade Airport.

Belgrade airport is the most convenient for coming into Novi Sad (and Serbia), as it is the closest airport. Also, the other closest airports are Budapest 250 km north, and Timisoara 130 km northeast.


Novi Sad is situated alongside the main highway E-75, and the highway E-70 is about 70 kilometers away in the south, towards Belgrade.







Novi Sad has regular and direct bus connections with capital cities in Central and Eastern Europe.

Regular bus lines connect Novi Sad with all parts of Serbia.

International bus lines operate to all neighboring and most European countries.